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Wounded - (Chapter in Novel working.....please leave a comment, thanks)

Smile; make them think you're happy
Lie and say that things are fine
And hide that empty longing that you feel
Don't ever show it, just keep your heart concealed
Why are the days so lonely?
I wonder where, where can a heart go free?
And who will dry the tears that no one sees?
There must be someone to share your silent dreams
Caught like a leaf in the wind
Looking for a friend, where can you turn?

⃰⃰⃰⃰    ⃰    ⃰    ⃰
August 2013
It was a wonderful sunny day; the weather was bright, with soft, white, fluffy clouds that lazily flirt across the clear blue sky.  A gentle breeze filtered through the tree branches and leaves.  The sun was blazing hot and heating up the atmosphere, while the ocean lay calm and inviting reflecting the beauty of the blue sky above.

It was such a peaceful and warm Friday afternoon.  The sounds of the birds singing and the ocean waves crashing against the dock and sea boulders in the distance was quite calming to her nerves and tortured soul.

Steffie was sitting in the Botanical Gardens thinking about her life and the present situation in which she found herself.  She looked about the gardens in order to clear her mind of painful thoughts.

The Botanical Gardens, was a large park with various big trees and lush green grass that stretched across from one point to the other.  There were a few flowers along the park, and hedges cut in a way that made it mesmerising

The Gardens were quite peaceful with children’s laughter while playing, and a few people sitting or walking around.  Occasionally, a vehicle diving through the Gardens spoiled the tranquillity.

How could I have been so dense?  She asked herself repeatedly.

Steffie had met Jake six months ago, but knew him for about two years before.  He had come to her like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be good, caring and very charming. 

She had been captivated by his charm, he was different from the men she dated before and been hurt by.  Boy was she dense to have given in to his pleading voice. Now she could not believe how stupid she had been to fall for such a charmer.

Steffie sighed and leaned back into the wooden bench.

What am I going to do now? Why did this have to happen to me, now especially?  She asked her self again.  She looked at her watch then sighed heavily.  She had been sitting in the park for an hour now, since she had finished the training course for the day.

The course, in which she was taking part in, was an Entrepreneurship course for youths and adults. Over the past three weeks, she had learned a lot about running and managing a business, and she hoped that she would be able to apply those skills to her own business soon.

A lot was going on in her life but she refused to let it deter her from making the best of the situation she was in and a future for herself.  Steffie stood up and walked across the park roads towards the gate in which she had entered.

She dug around in her bag for her phone, which was ringing and swiped the answer button across the screen to answer the call.

“Hi, Mom.” she said into the phone.

“Where are you?” her mom asked, sounding worried.

“I’m making my way towards the bus stop now, why?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing was just a bit worried.” Her mom said with relief in her voice.

Steffie smiled.  She loved her Mom, who did not hesitate to check up on her ever so often.  They had that kind of relationship.

“See you in a while, Mom”

“Yeah, okay.”

She hung up and continued on her way.  As she reached the bus stop, she was thankful that she got a bus leaving on time and did not have to sit and wait.  She dug around in the bag for her earphones, connected them to her phone & inserted the ear buds into her ears and let the soothing music surround her.

It was the weekend and she was planning to enjoy it with no mishaps and drama.  Just one more week of training and then it would be back to her normal boring life. Only it was no longer normal.

Two months ago she’d decided to take a ‘leap of faith’ and let Jake prove to her that not all men were the same – lying, cheating, disgraceful bastards – but yet he’d only prove to her that he was just the same.

He did not just lie to her, but had hurt her mentally and although she did not love him, he had hurt her emotionally.  Her mom was right about him, she admitted.  He was an SOB.

Seems like every time she tried to be happy something always went wrong. She almost felt like giving up all together on life, yet again.  That night when she got home, she greeted her parents, and then headed off to her room.

She undressed then walked over to the mirror, which was hanging on her door and just looked herself from head to toe.  You could not tell any difference in her except for the slight glow on her face.  She took a warm shower and a few minutes later, she got out feeling refreshed, and put on her shorts and tank top and went over to the bed. 

Lying on her bed, thoughts and emotions over-whelmed her and she ended up crying herself to sleep as she always did.  She was experiencing slight back pains and fatigue so was thankful every night for her soft bed.
'When we hurt each/another
With our words,
With our actions,
On the other hand, even with our thoughts,
It causes a wound.

Some wounds are seen,
Some are invincible,
Some wounds heal and some leaves scars.
Moreover, some wounds which are constantly inflicted or opened again and again....
May never heal.'

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Critique Partner(s) Needed

I am a reader!!
New writer - have not been published.
Writing a Romance story...
Not much experience as a novelist.
Word count varies between 2000 - 3000 words per chapter.
I been writing poems at a young age and its been mainly for just myself, only just recently been posting them to my blogs and hope one day will put all together into a book and maybe have them published.
I am looking for a critique partner whom i can possibly bounce ideas and suggestions off. Someone whose Honest and real at critiquing. Someone who will be encouraging and motivating when critiquing my work - not be mean and destructive and discourage me at writing. I would like that i can count on positive advice and suggestions for the story as well.
I would greatly appreciate the critique and relay the critiquing back also if needed, so if you are up to trading reviews/critiques friendship then message me and let's be friends.
The topic of my Story at present is:
Island Paradise: Marrying Her Best-Friend.
Main setting/location: Dominica - Caribbean Island
Calibishie - town/village
It is not how long you have known someone that makes them special to you. Its not about the lenght of time that makes them your best-friend. Its the understanding, love, trust and chemistry and so much more...
Nicholas and Steffie had all of that and more. They met as strangers and spoke as friends. Then attraction sets in and intense feelings develped into something real and beyond what they could ever find in someone else. Theough they were miles apart, the distance and hardships only seem to highten their feelings, but will their relationship stand strong through hidden hurts and secrets?

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress - and yes there maybe other stories such as this but doesn't mean my story is the same as them. This is based on real emotions and experience - although some might be a bit exaggerated.
Follow my blog for the Excerpts that i'm gonna post: http://natureislelove.blogspot.com
My poems are posted via my blog: http://Natureislelove.wordpress.com
Check it out & please leave a comment to let me know what you think and also if you are interested email me: rvtelemaque@gmail.com

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A wonderful person, A caring person, A strong woman, and a Woman who makes un-undeniably sacrifices for her child who deserves a lot more than anyone else does.....A Mother!! 

Marrying Her Best Friend - Chpt 1 - Wounded

You don't have to know someone very long to be a friend.  Sitting just thinking about things in a peaceful and wonderful park can bring a lot to perspective for you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marrying Her Best-Friend - Excert....

It matters not how long you know someone, but if you have a bond that's quite unique and special with a person, which makes you feel like you knew them much longer than you actually do then you should cherish that bond.  

He met her as a stranger, they were friends for a while and then intense attraction and feelings develop leaving them both with the fear of how to approach the feelings that they have and not wanting to lose their friendship.....Both keeping their feelings a secret from the other.

Will they find their way and love each other? 
Will they be strong enough to admit they love each other?
Will their friendship/relationship last or break???

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calibishie - A piece of Heaven

From its carefully manicured and colorful hedges alongside the main road, the pretty and dazzling explosions of blossoms of flowers in the village resident’s gardens to the outskirts and along the roads with its different size of signs and notices, Calibishie gives you a whole new meaning to the term colorful.

The village citizens are warm, friendly and very welcoming. The business owners will treat you as a fellow 'Bishian'. The positive vibes, the caring and the togetherness of this slowly growing town, will definitely touch you. The ever warm and friendly people will lend a helping hand when in need, and support to its own.

Calibishie is a village to which many visitors look forward to visiting due to its well-known scenic and picturesque views and unspoiled naturality.

If you have a love for history, unspoiled beauty ,peace and solitude, then Calibishie is known to be rich in history and strong spirits.  To the many who have visited and experienced the wonder, beauty and love from this scenic village holds a special place in their hearts for her and likewise so does she.

The tropical rain-forest and the wide Atlantic Ocean beseech all to take part in its extraordinary celebration of life and nature. The life and nature which just seems to constantly bring an overwhelming feeling of contentment and highlights to the words ' Caribbean Island of Natural Beauty & Paradise.'

Calibishie is one of the rare gem to be found on this Island Paradise of Dominica. It is known for its numerous black and white-sand beaches. 

Dominica has some very unforgettable natural wonders to explore. Its unique and inviting beaches, its greenery in the hills and valleys, its fresh and sweet waters and its scenic views which are just picture-perfect. 

Calibishie may not be as crowded and....as other areas on the Island, but it has a lot of interesting things to do.  Snorkelling, swimming, hiking and a brief walk or stroll in the late evening are among the exciting things to be done on a sunny day and late afternoon.

You'd be amazed and left with a piece of heaven and paradise after your intriguing exploration and expedition. Once in the town of Calibishie, the beaches and views are not hard to find and very hard to miss.

The main beach of this town, is the Calibishie beach, which stretches from one point to the other along its various twists and curves.  It is lined up with villas, restaurants, shops, bars, homes and people who are ready to relax and just have fun.

All of this creates a fun mix for its visitors and guests and also attracts beach goers. Along the Calibishie coasts are also other beaches which may cater to those whose are in need of privacy and peaceful atmosphere. Regardless if you are staying within the village itself, or not so far away or just simply passing through you could always drop by and have a good time.

With most everything, at Calibishie along the main beach, it can get a little crowded considering the coconut and palm trees and the buildings which have taken up most of the space.

In the middle of the village, if the need to use the wash-rooms and rest-rooms arise the public convenience could be used.

The elegance of the rain forest and the beauty of the black and white sand beaches, to the beautiful coloured flowers and hedges outlining the main road of the village you'll be treated to a piece of Dominica and its history.

Calibishie, situated on the northeast coast of-beautiful Dominica, is a village - a growing town- protected by the longest barrier reef on the island.  The name of this village means -in the Arawakan language spoken by the Caribs-: Cali = net, Bishie/shibi = reef, therefore a "net of reefs."

This beautiful village is along the sea shore protected by the only barrier reef in Dominica; this mile long reef takes the force of the sea swells from the Atlantic Ocean and provides a quiet lagoon within which the fishermen can tie up their boats, and homes on the sea side can be protected from the full impact of the ocean.

The settlement layout of this village consist of houses along a flat sandy coastal strip between the rivers of Layvyè Salè and Layvyè Dou.  It extends to a series of ridges inland with names such as: Savanne Paille, Cretè coco, Calibishie ridge, Baptiste ridge, Pointe Baptiste ridge and Dubique.  The present village grew from an area of free peasant farmers that developed the boundaries of Hampstead Estate to the west and to Hodges Estate.

Other features, apart from the barrier reef in the village, of Calibishie are its Red-rock which covers the headlands around the bay, and its distinctive Islets called Port D'Enfer, which stands like a gateway to the ocean beyond.

The village is surrounded by lovely beaches where you could relax under a shade tree or bathe in the shallow part of the water along the sea shore.  The village has a series of accommodation - guest houses, cottages, hotel, apartment lodgings and B&B- as well as a variety of restaurants and bars to dine and supermarkets and local shops you can visit. The people are friendly and warm and would make you feel welcome with a smile and greeting.

-Serlina Rose