Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calibishie - A piece of Heaven

From its carefully manicured and colorful hedges alongside the main road, the pretty and dazzling explosions of blossoms of flowers in the village resident’s gardens to the outskirts and along the roads with its different size of signs and notices, Calibishie gives you a whole new meaning to the term colorful.

The village citizens are warm, friendly and very welcoming. The business owners will treat you as a fellow 'Bishian'. The positive vibes, the caring and the togetherness of this slowly growing town, will definitely touch you. The ever warm and friendly people will lend a helping hand when in need, and support to its own.

Calibishie is a village to which many visitors look forward to visiting due to its well-known scenic and picturesque views and unspoiled naturality.

If you have a love for history, unspoiled beauty ,peace and solitude, then Calibishie is known to be rich in history and strong spirits.  To the many who have visited and experienced the wonder, beauty and love from this scenic village holds a special place in their hearts for her and likewise so does she.

The tropical rain-forest and the wide Atlantic Ocean beseech all to take part in its extraordinary celebration of life and nature. The life and nature which just seems to constantly bring an overwhelming feeling of contentment and highlights to the words ' Caribbean Island of Natural Beauty & Paradise.'

Calibishie is one of the rare gem to be found on this Island Paradise of Dominica. It is known for its numerous black and white-sand beaches. 

Dominica has some very unforgettable natural wonders to explore. Its unique and inviting beaches, its greenery in the hills and valleys, its fresh and sweet waters and its scenic views which are just picture-perfect. 

Calibishie may not be as crowded other areas on the Island, but it has a lot of interesting things to do.  Snorkelling, swimming, hiking and a brief walk or stroll in the late evening are among the exciting things to be done on a sunny day and late afternoon.

You'd be amazed and left with a piece of heaven and paradise after your intriguing exploration and expedition. Once in the town of Calibishie, the beaches and views are not hard to find and very hard to miss.

The main beach of this town, is the Calibishie beach, which stretches from one point to the other along its various twists and curves.  It is lined up with villas, restaurants, shops, bars, homes and people who are ready to relax and just have fun.

All of this creates a fun mix for its visitors and guests and also attracts beach goers. Along the Calibishie coasts are also other beaches which may cater to those whose are in need of privacy and peaceful atmosphere. Regardless if you are staying within the village itself, or not so far away or just simply passing through you could always drop by and have a good time.

With most everything, at Calibishie along the main beach, it can get a little crowded considering the coconut and palm trees and the buildings which have taken up most of the space.

In the middle of the village, if the need to use the wash-rooms and rest-rooms arise the public convenience could be used.

The elegance of the rain forest and the beauty of the black and white sand beaches, to the beautiful coloured flowers and hedges outlining the main road of the village you'll be treated to a piece of Dominica and its history.

Calibishie, situated on the northeast coast of-beautiful Dominica, is a village - a growing town- protected by the longest barrier reef on the island.  The name of this village means -in the Arawakan language spoken by the Caribs-: Cali = net, Bishie/shibi = reef, therefore a "net of reefs."

This beautiful village is along the sea shore protected by the only barrier reef in Dominica; this mile long reef takes the force of the sea swells from the Atlantic Ocean and provides a quiet lagoon within which the fishermen can tie up their boats, and homes on the sea side can be protected from the full impact of the ocean.

The settlement layout of this village consist of houses along a flat sandy coastal strip between the rivers of Layvyè Salè and Layvyè Dou.  It extends to a series of ridges inland with names such as: Savanne Paille, Cretè coco, Calibishie ridge, Baptiste ridge, Pointe Baptiste ridge and Dubique.  The present village grew from an area of free peasant farmers that developed the boundaries of Hampstead Estate to the west and to Hodges Estate.

Other features, apart from the barrier reef in the village, of Calibishie are its Red-rock which covers the headlands around the bay, and its distinctive Islets called Port D'Enfer, which stands like a gateway to the ocean beyond.

The village is surrounded by lovely beaches where you could relax under a shade tree or bathe in the shallow part of the water along the sea shore.  The village has a series of accommodation - guest houses, cottages, hotel, apartment lodgings and B&B- as well as a variety of restaurants and bars to dine and supermarkets and local shops you can visit. The people are friendly and warm and would make you feel welcome with a smile and greeting.

-Serlina Rose

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