Serlina's Post-Cards For Swap

Hi, Welcome to my Post-Cards for Exchange page.

This Page features post-cards from my island which i may have on hand or will obtain for the purpose of swapping with my penpals from around the world in different countries; penpals who are interested in swapping/exchanging post-cards from their country to mines. :-)

I find this hobby of mine to be very unique and quite good.  I love receiving a card in the mail or a letter from someone around the world.  I get very excited and a big smile brakes off on my face.  So if you are interested in post-card swapping & being friends you have picked the right blog to check out!!!

I am Vickie a.k.a Serlina/Natureislelove, from Dominica - a Caribbean Island which is small & green, mountainous, unique & filled with natural wonders.  

I like collecting:
  •  post-cards; 
  • Refrigerator Magnates/badges;
  • Map cards;
  • Landscapes cards;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Pins, key-chains, pens, etc;
  • Coins & Banknotes; 
  • Souvenirs/Collectibles.

The Following are Post-Cards i have for exchange/swap:

Card 1 - Valley of Desolation

Card 2 - The Old Mill Cultural Centre

Card 3 - Dominica Cultural Wear

Card 4 - Dominica Activities
Card 5 - Dominica Natural wonders - fauna

Card 6 - Naturally Enchanting

Card 7 - Caribbean Culture

Card 8 - Dominica National Stadium

Card 9 - Dominica at a glance 1
Card 10 - Trafalgar Falls

Card 11 - Dominica Nature Island
Card 12 - Dominica at a glance 2

Card 13 - Sunset at Layou River

Card 14 - Dominica C'est Tres Formidable
A glimpse of paradise itself
Card 15 - Dominca at a glance 3

Card 16 - Roman Catholic Cathedral Roseau

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