Monday, June 15, 2015

From Komigsschloss Neuschivanstein

Lovely castle on the mount, :D i think i gotta big thing for castles

From China

All the way from China - like these alot tho especially the last one :D

From Malaysia

Lovely Postcards from Malaysia, shows me the Buildings and Structures :-)

Greetings from Italy

Gotta love the Castle view - speaks of history and i definitely liked this card quite alot.  Thanks to my pal in Italy for a great card.

Greetings from Romania

A pal from Interpal sent this to me from Romania.

Greetings from Switzerland

Private swap but very beautiful postcard.

Greetings from Taiwan

A simple Nature postcard, but i liked it alot. Thankful to my Taiwan pal.

Greetings from LA, USA

Received this from LA, USA
Very nice postcards :-)

Greetings from Poland

Along with this card i received a bookmark, a refrigerator magnate Chocolates, i was quite touched and was definitely happy to have received such a gift  from a pal.

Greetings from Poland

View of Liberty square and Kosciuszho statue in Lodz city - received from a private swap and i very much appreciated this card

Greetings from Poznan Poland

Letter & Postcards from a young lady, i consider this the start of a friendship all the way between my island DOMINICA and her country POLAND.
Very much appreciated the letter and View cards.

Greetings from New York, USA

New York New York - this was i believe the first postcard i have received which started off my postcard collection and i was grateful for this nice young woman who indeed gave me a great start to an expensive but intriguing hobby.

Greetings from Nebraska "The Cornuskr State", USA

Received from a pal via Map postcard swap - swapbot, was indeed grateful and liked the card a great deal.  Hope that i can return the favor to her one day :-)

Greetings from New Hampshire, USA

New Hampshire Map card, very thankful for this card made me want more cards from this country :-)
I like and appreciated my pal for this card.

Greetings from Belgium

Received this for my birthday (in December) from a pal in Belgium and i was very touched and quite grateful for him going out of the way and sending me a card.

Greetings from Portland, USA

These beautiful postcards came from the US, got them via a pal from swapbot, they made a good addition to my postcard collection.